The Complete Guide to Plastic Surgery in Turkey

The Complete Guide to Plastic Surgery in TurkeyThe Complete Guide to Plastic Surgery in TurkeyThe Complete Guide to Plastic Surgery in Turkey

As a global epicenter for medical tourism, Turkey is seemingly witnessing a revolution on all fronts, particularly in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures. 

Fueled by countless private clinics, hospitals, and qualified surgeons who offer services at world-class standards, the country saw the number of medical tourists nearly double within just five years between 2015 and 2019. 

In fact, plastic surgeries such as liposuction, breast augmentations, and facelifts are so claimed and requested in Turkey that many patients come from far corners of the world to the country just to have them.

The same thing is also true for hair transplant and obesity procedures, such as gastric sleeve in Turkey and other invasive surgeries.

Nonetheless, this dramatic rise and immense popularity didn’t happen overnight for sure. After all, the Turkish healthcare system had to undergo thorough transformations throughout the early 2000s before it could reliably be able to meet the complex needs and expectations of thousands of international patients. 

The whole medical and health policy had to change to ensure patient safety and hospital transparency. 

Besides, the accredited standards of care combined with strong government initiatives and investments in healthcare infrastructure have gone also through remarkable changes to prepare the groundwork and enabled the country to achieve the title it has in the current world’s cosmetic surgery. 

Types of Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey

It’s hard to provide an exact count for the number of certified plastic surgery clinics and hospitals spread across Turkey, but they generally offer a wide collection of beautification and body contouring procedures to meet the aesthetic goals of medical tourists from all around the world. 

From facial makeovers to body sculpting and everything in between, Turkish clinics-such as International Clinics- carry out a diverse range of advanced surgical treatments using different approaches and internationally accredited safety protocols. 

Turkish clinics are leading in specific categories of plastic surgeries in both quality and quantity, such as: 

Breast Procedures (Breast Lift, Augmentation & Reduction)

Breast enlargement uses silicone or saline implants to increase the cup size of each breast, which can restore volume loss after pregnancy and resolve asymmetry. Turkish surgeons have extensive experience with such techniques and technologies to match each patient’s anatomy and aesthetic goals.

Body Contouring

Back lifts and upper and lower body lifts are just some examples of body contouring procedures that can get rid of loose skin, tighten muscles, and sculpt certain body regions after major weight loss. 

In Turkey, surgeons can provide body contouring combining precision surgery with latest laser and ultrasound fat removal techniques. 


Laser, ultrasound, and tumescent liposuction are all major common types of plastic procedures in Turkey to eliminate stubborn fat deposits and address problem areas unresponsive to diet or exercise. 

Turkish liposuction specialists can treat large as well as limited areas with optimal clinical results, faster recovery periods, and exceptionally affordable pricing.


Rhinoplasty in Turkey requires absolute surgical skill to precisely alter the size, angles, or shape of the nostrils to be in harmony with the face. 

With 3D imaging and minimally invasive ultrasonic rhinoplasty, Turkish specialist surgeons have an internationally renowned track record of successful nose jobs with over 90% patient satisfaction, at least in selected clinics such as International Clinics. 

Choosing the Right Clinic and Surgeon

Selecting the right plastic surgery center, clinic, or surgeon in Turkey is an absolutely important decision to make when it comes to medical tourists seeking successful outcomes for plastic procedures and any other type of obesity surgery in Turkey.

Nonetheless, the availability of multiple options can also make the process overwhelmingly confusing for prospective patients. 

While shortcut fixes through haphazard picks based on visibility or price quotes may seem convenient, they often carry painful and irreversible repercussions. 

A few key aspects that must be thoroughly assessed while selecting plastic surgery providers in Turkey should cover:

Surgeon’s Credentials & Specialization

Pick a surgeon who is board-licensed with years of proven experience in performing the exact procedure that you’re seeking.

Before &After Photos

Validate results of previous patients through verifiable pictures of transformations rather than relying on stock photos of fake models. 

Facility Certification

Choose accredited hospitals or clinics with the highest international standards for surgical protocols and patient safety.


Check authenticated patient reviews on independent platforms to cross-verify satisfactory experiences instead of testimonials curated by the centers only depicting the positives.

Personalized Consultations

Have discussions with the surgeons regarding realistic and sustainable enhancements aligned to your anatomical needs and limitations rather than deciding under pressure or impulse.

Cost Analysis of Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Offers for cosmetic procedures in Turkey run at almost half to one-third the rates of what clinics in the United States or Western Europe may charge.

This puts Turkey rightfully as the most affordable destination for patients pursuing aesthetics and enhancements globally.  interestingly, the obesity surgery cost in Turkey is also very competitive as well.

However, while the savings and value appeal as extraordinarily cheap on the surface, a deeper look may reveal major drivers that enable Turkish clinics to provide exceptional quality paired with such competitive pricing. 

After all, deluxe medical tourism does come at a cost difficult to compensate for without inflating the bill a little bit. 

Nonetheless, through strategic factors such as specialization at scale, leveraging localized networks, and focusing on operational efficiency, plastic surgery providers across Turkey can indeed optimize pricing thresholds without compromising on delivery benchmarks.

A few aspects that allow budget-friendly quality care in Turkey include:

Pre-Surgery Preparations and Consultations

The exceptional surgical expertise and medical infrastructure available at Turkish aesthetic clinics often include preparatory safety and consultations. Pre-surgical measures at leading clinics involve high planning and consultations between surgeons and patients.

After all, aligned expectations through realistic guidance along with proper physical readiness could also determine the success of any aesthetic surgery.

Thus, reputed plastic surgery hospitals in Turkey often follow protocols during the pre-op phase such as:

Patient History Analysis

This includes an extensive review of existing health issues, past surgeries, allergies, regular medications, and associated risk considerations that may require management before any procedure.

Lifestyle Evaluation

This includes assessment of routine activities, exercise habits, nutritional intake, sleep patterns, smoking or alcohol dependence that may need modification for safer and more sustainable surgical results.

Photographic Documentation

Surgeons may take image records through high-definition photos taken from various angles to enable accurate analysis as well as subsequent comparison for the effectiveness of aesthetic enhancements.

Surgery Simulation

Computerized 3D modeling of the patient’s post-surgery appearance is also common to take into account unique facial or body shape nuances.

The Surgical Procedure and Hospital Stay

Following rigorous medical protocols and steps (even through minute aspects) plays an important role in determining the success of the procedures. 

Undoubtedly, customized operative care plans should be set up to address the unique needs of each patient who visits Turkey. 

While each surgery type may further specify additional steps, upholding such systematic protocol foundations through every procedure performed at accredited aesthetic surgery hospitals highlights Turkey’s strengths in framing world-class best practices. 

In any case, a few generalized stages framework the steps upholding optimal clinical results for popular procedures.

Patient Assessment

Pre-op assessment, body markings and examinations, and computer-simulated projections are used to assess the feasibility and devise incision strategies and configuration steps aligned to successful outcomes for each patient. 

Anesthesia Protocols

An accredited anesthesiologist usually administers the suitable mode and dosage of anesthesia such as general, IV sedation, or local anesthesia as applicable to ensure optimal comfort.

Primary Incision

After anesthesia kicks in, the main surgical cut openings or entry points are made as gently as possible at specific locations to access the anatomical sites.

Implantation or Fat Grafting

For augmentations, the customized silicone gel or saline implants are precisely embedded through incision tunnels, or liposuction fat is re-inserted for grafting transfers.

Suturing & Dressings

Finally, incisions are cleaned, stitched, and dressed using skin-friendly surgical glues or tapes for protection and faster recovery.

Recovery and Aftercare

Expertise and surgical skills surely define aesthetic services at Turkish cosmetic clinics, but what also matters is the post-operative recovery and aftercare services. 

Clinical support aside, the guidance regarding realistic timeframes, likely side effects, and tips for optimal healing also takes center stage in Turkish clinics. 

Often, recovery after aesthetic surgery relies extensively on diligent adherence to caretaker instructions for sustaining the best outcomes. Thus, through careful management and planning, Turkey’s plastic centers highlight their special capacities, mirroring world-leading benchmarks for medical travel.

Given the sensitivities of invasive procedures, healing protocols may vary based on factors like age, medical history, and type of procedure. However, some generalized best practices may include: 

Post-Op Monitoring 

Round-the-clock assistance from experienced nursing staff during the initial days is significantly important to track drainage, medications, and progress.

Follow-Up Appointments 

These may include scheduled evaluations starting a week later by the operating surgeon to assess recovery progress and healing alignment with projected plans.

Therapeutic Rehabilitation

Multi-week lymphatic drainage, laser, or LED light therapy sessions are also common to stimulate circulation, cell repair, and rapid recovery.

Nutritional Guidance

Customized nutritional and supplement plans can promote tissue repair while avoiding inflammation or fatigue, and this is also provided after obesity procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey.

Risks and Safety Measures

The competence of Turkish surgeons in delivering successful aesthetic surgery outcomes remains globally recognized, but it’s still impossible to provide plastic procedures without some likelihood of risks. 

We can highlight awareness regarding frequently associated risks as follows:

Bleeding & Hematomas

Excessive bleeding or blood clotting and accumulation under the skin require additional drainage procedures, at least in some cases. However, the likelihood is usually low, thanks to administration of blood thinning medications.

Anesthesia Reactions 

Allergic reactions to general anesthetics or sedatives can cause complications like breathing troubles or plummeting blood pressure.


Despite extensive sterilization, bacterial or microbial infusion potentially attacking incision wounds or implanted fillers can only be fought through the use of strong antibiotics or flushing surgical washes.


Visible disproportionate outcomes or results on the areas operated upon due to unanticipated healing responses can also demand site-specific revisional touch-ups.

Patient Testimonials and Success Stories

The success stories and tales of patients who have undergone plastic surgeries in Turkey are numerous, to say the least. Below are some of the testimonials left by patients who had chosen to have surgery at International Clinics in Istanbul (we used only their initials for privacy reasons):

"Correcting my crooked nose with nose jobs was a dream because of the horribly insane prices I saw in the US! Hell yeah That’s why I chose rhinoplasty in Istanbul, which indeed fixed my nose beautifully at less than half the cost! Doctor Ibrahim was very skilled in my opinion, and my results are just as good as I wanted.”

Patient H.K. (34 years old male from the United States)

"I chose liposuction on my stomach and hips to wake up the next morning with a flat tummy that I have always wanted! The clinics’ facilities were on par with the best I have seen in Europe, including the Swiss clinics. My results are amazing. Thanks to International Clinics." 

Patient N.T. (41 years old female from Italy)

"I don’t remember names, but that surgeon at International Clinics brilliantly transformed my appearance completely with a facelift and upper eyelid surgery. I look refreshed and feel incredible at such age, thanks to the compassionate and personalized care I received in Turkey." 

Patient O.R. (52 years old female from Canada)


The advanced medical infrastructure and technologies for medical tourism in Turkey led to unprecedented popularity for the country worldwide. 

It’s easy to find skilled surgeons who were trained across Europe and North America and access to accredited hospitals across all major cities in the country. 

For plastic and cosmetic surgeries, the wealth of top-tier aesthetic treatments available in Turkish clinics is enough to draw the attention of a large number of patients. Indeed, patients from over 100 countries seek various reconstructive and elective procedures annually in Turkey.

From rhinoplasty to full body lifts, a trained pool of competent specialists supports customized surgical shaping for any area to arrive at beauty ideals. 

While risks remain collateral to any invasive procedure, methodical protocols and pre-op planning enable leading Turkish clinics to deliver consistently successful augmentations with satisfaction rates exceeding 80 to 90%. 

International Clinics is a model for plastic surgery best practices that will continue to make medical sojourns recommendable to aesthetic hopefuls worldwide for generations ahead. You can contact us directly to explore your treatment options. 

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What Are the Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures Offered in Turkey?
The procedures range from breast augmentations to full-body contouring operations. Some of the commonly performed surgeries include breast enlargements, tummy tucks, liposuction, nose jobs (rhinoplasty), and facelifts.
How Does the Cost of Plastic Surgery in Turkey Compare to the UK & USA?
Compared to cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK or USA, the same procedures in Turkey cost between 50 to 70% less on average while delivering equally high – and often better–quality outcomes.
Can I Trust the Qualifications of Plastic Surgeons in Turkey?
Most certified Turkish specialists possess international degrees with years of focused experience performing the procedures successfully. You can verify credentials online and via consultations.
Are There Any Risks Associated with Getting Plastic Surgery in Turkey?
Major complications are rare when undertaking surgery at accredited centers under the supervision of expert surgeons; however, some commonly associated risks include bleeding, adverse reactions to anesthesia, infections, asymmetry, or shape irregularities etc.
What Is the Typical Recovery Time for Plastic Surgery in Turkey?
Recovery timelines are subjective based on the type of procedure, but most patients can return home within 7-14 days after most procedures.