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Intro To Butt Lift

Intro To Butt Lift

Let’s guess! You want a fuller, rounder, and well-shaped butt with eye-catching curves, right? Well, you clearly need to undergo a butt lift! This is a surgery that can enhance and improve the shape of your buttocks and create the curves you’ve always wanted! Butt lift, also known as gluteal lift or belt lipectomy, is a surgical procedure that reshapes the buttocks, removes sagging skin, and tones the underlying tissue. Surgeons rely on implants, liposuction, or fat grafting to accomplish butt lifts. Therefore, there are multiple types of butt lifts, including Brazilian butt lift (BBL), butt augmentation with implants, and direct butt lift. You and your doctor will agree on the best type that suits your specific needs.

Benefits of Butt Lift

To give you an idea of how popular butt lift is, the statistics of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) concluded that, in 2015, one butt lift was carried out every 30 minutes on average in the United States! Obviously, the procedure can bring a lot of benefits to you, including:

Benefits of Butt Lift
  • 1Get a fuller, natural-looking, and more rounded butt with amazing curves!
  • 2Bring more balance and proportion to your overall appearance
  • 3Get better results without dieting or doing complex gluteal exercises
  • 4Reduce the visibility of cellulite and other skin irregularities
  • 5Improve your confidence and self-image and feel special!
  • 6Allow yourself to try new clothing options with more excitement!
  • 7Be like celebrities and supermodels, such as Cardi B and Kim Kardashian, who underwent this surgery to get their iconic appearance!

Candidates for Butt Lift

You need to find a certified surgeon who has enough experience in butt lifts, or you can contact a respected clinic that offers such treatments. Obviously, the preparation for a butt lift starts with a face-to-face consultation with the surgeon to discuss everything related to the surgery. Your surgeon may ask you to:

 Candidates for Butt Lift
  • 1Stop taking certain medications (such as aspirin) or change their doses.
  • 2Undergo certain blood or lab tests.
  • 3Quit smoking.

Steps of Butt Lift

You may undergo a butt lift in a hospital, surgical facility, or ambulatory surgical center. The steps of a butt lift differ depending on the type of butt lift you’re having. Many people choose Brazilian butt lift, which includes fat grafting. The steps of this method include:

1. Anesthesia

1. Anesthesia

Your surgeon may put you under general or local anesthesia, depending on the complexity of the procedure.

2. Fat Grafting & Purifying

2. Fat Grafting & Purifying

Surgeons often use liposuction to remove fat from other parts of your body. This involves the use of a tube to pull out the fat through small incisions. Next, they purify the fat and make it ready for injection into your buttocks.

3. Fat Injection

3. Fat Injection

Your surgeon starts injecting the fat into particular spots in your buttocks to enlarge them and make them fuller and curvier. This requires the making of 3-5 small incisions in your buttocks.

4. Incisions Closure

4. Incisions Closure

Finally, your surgeon uses stitches to seal incisions they made during fat transfer and liposuction.

Recovery After Butt Lift

You need to be aware of the following things during your recovery after a butt lift:

Recovery After Butt Lift
  • 1Although might be a bit difficult, you still need to move around to help with healing and prevent constipation. However, avoid activities that involve bouncing.
  • 2Wear clothes that fit tightly around your skin, especially over the area where fat was removed with liposuction.
  • 3Avoid sitting on your butt for at least 8 weeks to prevent damage to the newly grated fat cells. Use special pillows if you urgently need to sit down.
  • 4Take the right sleeping position at night during the first eight weeks following surgery, preferably on your side or tummy.
  • 5Expect to see bruising and edema around the areas you had liposuction.

Risks of Butt Lift

Some types of butt lifts are risker than others. However, butt lift remains a safe procedure with minimal complications, especially if an experienced surgeon performs it. Here are some potential side effects and complications that may arise after a butt lift in some cases:

Risks of Butt Lift
  • 1Bleeding or infection
  • 2Reactions to the anesthesia
  • 3Buttocks asymmetry
  • 4Changes in sensation or numbness
  • 5Abnormal collections of blood (hematoma)
  • 6Fat necrosis
  • 7Abscesses or cysts
  • 8Visible scars

To be a good candidate for a butt lift, you must be in good health condition without major medical conditions, have reasonable expectations, and have a significant soft tissue sagging in your buttocks. In addition, a butt lift may be right for you if you: Have excess body fat that can be grafted and transferred to your buttocks (in case you choose a Brazilian butt lift) Desperate to get fuller, bigger buttocks with rounded curves Don’t smoke and maintain healthy eating and exercise habits Are ready to avoid sitting and sleeping on your butt for 8 weeks following surgery.

You must fulfill specific criteria before making the final decision to undergo the procedure: – To be able to adapt well to the outcome of the treatment – Your health is excellent without diseases that may affect the healing process – You suffer from loose skin in the buttocks – You have a positive realistic view of the results without exaggerating expectations. – Non-smoker – Able to adhere to a healthy lifestyle with a suitable diet and high physical fitness

Among the most important potential complications: – Anesthesia risks – Asymmetry – Bleeding – Cardiac, vascular, and pulmonary complications – Death of subcutaneous tissue – Fluid accumulation – Infection – Numbness or a change in skin sensation – Constant pain – Poor healing process – The return of looseness of the skin after the procedure – Change the color of the skin – The suture appears spontaneously on the surface of the skin and becomes visible and irritating, requiring surgical removal – Appearance of disturbing surgical scars at the site

Yes, this procedure is safe and rarely cause any serious complications during or after it, but it remains a surgery that carries risks like other procedures. So you should discuss it with your doctor to make the appropriate decision.

This option isn’t available because it leads to serious complications as your body may reject the foreign tissue, so it is necessary that the fat is taken from your own body only.

You must maintain an ideal weight and adhere to a balanced healthy diet and appropriate exercise routine to maintain the results of the procedure.

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