Hair Transplant In Turkey: Advantages & Techniques

Hair Transplant In Turkey: Advantages & Techniques Hair Transplant In Turkey: Advantages & Techniques Hair Transplant In Turkey: Advantages & Techniques

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When Will I Start Seeing the Results of Hair Transplant?
You’re probably going to see the results after 6-9 months. Some men may need almost a year before noticing the results. Also, you should expect the hair to fall between two and eight weeks after the surgery. This is all normal.
Should I Use Medications to Keep the Results?
Not necessarily. However, your doctor may suggest you use a medication that treats hair loss to get better results, especially if hair loss continues after the surgery.
Do Hair Transplants Last Forever?
Most likely, a successful hair transplant will grant you fuller and thicker hair for a long time. If things go wrong and hair loss continues, you can undergo follow-up transplants to get longer-lasting results.
Is There Any Alternative to Hair Transplant?
Yes absolutely. Non-surgical alternatives include medications and hair extensions or wigs. These treatments, however, can be costly and not practical for many people who want more convenient solutions.
Is Hair Transplant a New Fad?
Absolutely no. American doctors have been performing hair transplants since the early 50s of the last century, but the methods of this procedure have witnessed great progress in recent times.
Is Turkey Good for Hair Transplants?
Reviews and testimonials of international patients provide a hint on how Turkey is good for hair transplants. The level of satisfaction is high and the results are usually satisfactory for most patients.
What Should I Know About Turkey?
People who come to Turkey to undergo hair transplants usually leave the country with a great dose of satisfaction and happiness. The country is a well-known tourist destination on the map. Turkish people are heartwarming and open-minded folk who welcome all international visitors.They speak Turkish, but doctors usually speak English. Cheap hotels and resorts are abundant and easily reachable. International Clinics remains the single most preferred medical provider for international patients in Turkey.