Your nose plays a significant role in determining your overall facial appearance. If it’s too large or crooked, it can result in an asymmetrical look. Fortunately, rhinoplasty is an effective way to improve the appearance of your nose, especially the type that’s known as liquid rhinoplasty or liquid nose job.

Recently, nose reshaping surgeries have become one of the most popular facial cosmetic procedures, with thousands of people choosing them every year. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons consistently reports that nasal reshaping surgery is one of the top five most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries in the United States.

For patients who have had a surgical rhinoplasty, but still complain of minor irregularities postoperatively, a liquid nose job can be an excellent option.

This option is also great for those who want instant results and short recovery time or those who are not able to afford a surgical rhinoplasty. After all, most people are hesitant to have rhinoplasty due to the cost of the procedure, fear of surgery, or the extended recovery period.

What Is Liquid Rhinoplasty?

What Is Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid rhinoplasty, also known as scalpel-free nose job or nonsurgical nose job, is a non-invasive procedure that involves injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the nose to temporarily alter its structure.

Surgeons describe it as a versatile procedure that can help elevate the tip of the nose, enhance symmetry, reduce the appearance of a dorsal hump, straighten the nose, and alter the shape of the bridge.

By using fillers as if they were cartilage, the overall structure of the nose can be redefined, just like traditional nose surgery. Hence, liquid nose job provides a nonsurgical alternative to traditional nose surgery by injecting fillers into the nose to improve its contours and reshape it temporarily. This procedure has become increasingly popular as a quick, safe, and effective alternative to surgery.

This procedure is usually performed using hyaluronic acid fillers, which are well-known for their safety and efficacy. Interestingly, hyaluronic acid fillers are the same type of filler that is frequently used for cheek and lip augmentation.

Benefits of Liquid Rhinoplasty

A liquid nose job can address several nasal issues, such as a dorsal hump, a drooping nasal tip, and asymmetry. Other benefits and advantages include:

  • Less operating time: The procedure takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Sometimes it takes only 15 minutes, which is considerably shorter than the 1 to 4 hours required for traditional rhinoplasty.
  • Multiple reshaping options: Your surgeon has the ability to reshape and enhance your nose in many different ways. With a liquid nose job, it’s possible to define dorsal lines and make depressions in the walls of the nose.
  • Help create the upward point: If you desire more of an upward nose, Botox can do this easily.
  • Temporary: unlike conventional rhinoplasty, the results of a liquid nose job are temporary and can be altered if necessary. The results usually last for a year and the whole procedure is reversible, allowing the surgeon to dissolve the filler with injections of hyaluronidase if necessary.
  • Painless: This procedure is done without anesthesia because it’s relatively painless. However, some surgeons provide topical numbing cream before injection.
  • Less swelling: Patients often report mild to moderate swelling for one day after the procedure. In sum, the recovery time is minimal, which allows patients to return to work on the same day.
  • Less costly: People on a budget can choose liquid rhinoplasty to save a lot of cash.

Candidates for Liquid Rhinoplasty

When it comes to the ideal candidate for the procedures, those with small nasal bumps and slightly droopy tips are often the best fit. However, asymmetries along the nose can also be effectively corrected with injections according to experts. Success depends largely on the individual’s anatomy and the extent of the correction required. In short, the good candidates for liquid nose jobs include those with:

  • The right physical attributes
  • A desire to add projection to the nasal tip
  • A desire for more volume on the nasal bridge
  • A suitable mentality with a willingness to take the necessary recovery steps
  • A clear understanding of the pros and cons of the procedure
  • Consistent complaints from a less defined nasal tip or noticeable bump in the nose
  • A desire to correct nasal asymmetries

The Procedure of Liquid Rhinoplasty

Procedure of Liquid Rhinoplasty

You’ll be conscious during the procedure, so you can witness the whole process and the effects of each injection. The entire process usually takes about 15 minutes, although it may take longer if a numbing agent is used.

If you’re not satisfied with the results, the filler can be dissolved with a different solution, reversing the change. In any case, the procedure typically involves the following steps:

  • To begin the liquid nose job, you’ll be seated or lying down on a special chair or bed.
  • Your surgeon will clean your nose with a solution containing alcohol.
  • To minimize pain, the skin may be numbed with ice or numbing cream, although these may not be necessary if the filler already contains a local anesthetic.
  • Your surgeon will carefully inject a small amount of hyaluronic acid into the target area to improve the nasal shape.
  • Finally, the filler is smoothed out, rather than massaged, to avoid applying pressure to the area.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Before and After

The outstanding results yielded by the procedure can easily captivate the eyes when reviewing before and after images and reviews of people who underwent the procedure before. Some people may choose to undergo a nose job with other facial plastic procedures, such as facelift. Below is an example of before and after image:

Liquid Rhinoplasty Before and After image

Liquid Rhinoplasty Side Effects

Although liquid nose job is generally considered safe, there are potential risks and complications that patients should be aware of. There are potential risks and complications associated with the procedure that could affect your eyesight and nose functions.  

A recent study strongly recommends surgeons have a solid understanding of nasal surgical anatomy and know how to manage any potential complications to ensure the best possible outcome after a liquid nose job.

While the incidence of complications and risks is pretty low, the complications after a liquid nose job can include tenderness, bleeding, and vascular occlusion. The most serious potential complication is retinal vascular occlusion, which can unfortunately lead to blindness.

Regardless of the low risk, a report by CBC in 2020 shed the light on one unfortunate case of a Canadian woman who filed a lawsuit against a clinic after undergoing the procedure. The woman claimed that she developed serious complications after the procedure, including upper jaw bone fractures and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Liquid Rhinoplasty Cost

A liquid nose job is a more affordable option than traditional rhinoplasty. This makes the nonsurgical option much more accessible for individuals who want to improve the appearance of their noses without breaking their bank accounts. The table below provides an estimated cost of the procedure in different countries:

Turkey500-1000 US dollars
United States1000-3000 US dollars
United Kingdom900-2500 US dollars
Germany800-2500 US dollars
India600-900 US dollars

The Bottom Line

A liquid rhinoplasty or liquid nose job is a suitable option for making small changes to the appearance of the nose. It can be used to reduce the prominence of a dorsal hump or straighten the nose’s appearance.

Furthermore, some individuals choose to have fillers to refine the results of a previous surgical rhinoplasty instead of undergoing another costly procedure to correct a minor detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Last?

Liquid rhinoplasty lasts between 6 months up to 1-2 years. Thus, it’s a temporary procedure, but it’s less risky and cheaper than traditional rhinoplasty, which is permanent.

How Much Is Liquid Rhinoplasty?

The average cost of a liquid rhinoplasty injection is 1000 to 2000 US dollars. However, due to regular maintenance treatments, the overall cost may be higher than that. In Turkey, you can find clinics that offer the procedure for less than that price.

Is Liquid Rhinoplasty Permanent?

Liquid rhinoplasty isn’t permanent. It’s a temporary procedure that can, however, correct many forms of nose deformities.

Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Hurt?

Liquid rhinoplasty doesn’t hurt but it can cause a certain level of discomfort. To avoid discomfort, surgeons often apply a numbing cream or anesthetic agent.

Can Liquid Rhinoplasty Make Your Nose Smaller?

Liquid rhinoplasty doesn’t make your nose smaller. In contrast, it can’t add volume to your nose and make it look more balanced and proportionate. Besides, it can resolve many aesthetic problems and asymmetries and sculpt a different shape for your nose.

How Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Work?

Liquid rhinoplasty works by injecting dermal fillers under the skin of your nose to make it look larger. Surgeons use specific types of fillers to even out bumps and revive the normal symmetry of the nose.

What to Do After Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Things to do after liquid rhinoplasty include:
– Avoid wearing or putting anything around your nose such as  sunglasses
– Avoid exercising in the first 1-2 days after the procedure
– Avoid undergoing dental treatments in the weeks following the procedure
– Avoid rubbing the treated area

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