Gastric sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) is a common weight loss procedure and one of the most effective ones. During this minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon removes about 80% of the patient’s stomach, leaving only a narrow, banana-shaped pouch. 

The goal is to make patients feel fuller faster after eating smaller amounts of food, which promotes weight loss. When it comes to cost, gastric sleeve in Turkey remains the single cheapest option available so far.

Besides physically reducing stomach size, the surgery also lowers the production of appetite-stimulating hormones. So even though digestion occurs normally, patients experience reduced hunger. 

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost Factors

Given the rising popularity of gastric sleeve surgery, many prospective patients want to learn about the costs involved. This guide provides details on cost, financing, and overall expense ranges for the procedure. 

The main idea here is that the cost can vary based on factors like the surgeon, geographic location, and required hospital stay. With proper planning and budgeting, patients can alleviate some of the financial stress associated with this major, life-changing surgery and get low-cost bariatric surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost Factors

The total cost of gastric sleeve surgery can vary significantly based on several key factors. When budgeting for this procedure, it is important to consider the following:


Like any other medical procedure, gastric sleeve cost varies among countries and even cities inside any given country. The cost in the US and other Western countries tends to be higher than other countries in the global south. Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, in particular, is often seen as the most cost-effective option available.

Surgeon Experience & Fees

More experienced bariatric surgeons often charge higher fees. However, their expertise may also lead to better long-term outcomes and fewer complications. Less experienced surgeons typically have lower fees but may have higher complication rates.

Hospital or Clinical Center

Using a hospital operating room is generally more expensive than having surgery at a clinic or ambulatory surgical center. Ambulatory centers specialize in outpatient procedures and have lower overhead costs. Having surgery at these clinics can potentially save thousands of dollars.

Anesthesia Expenses

The anesthesia team’s fees are included in the total surgical charge. More complex procedures requiring extensive anesthesia services will incur higher anesthesia fees.

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Insurance Coverage

For patients with insurance policies that cover bariatric surgery, out-of-pocket expenses are greatly reduced. Those paying cash will pay the full surgical fees, which are usually 5,000-30,000 US dollars depending on the above factors. Thus, gastric sleeve cost in Turkey might be the lesser option available.

Follow-Up Care & Consultations

Post-operative nutrition consultations, dietitian visits, and follow-up appointments may cost 70-200 US dollars per visit. These recurring costs are part of the total expense.

Complexity & Equipment Factors

Surgeries involving extra complexity, specialized equipment, or complications will result in higher total charges due to extended surgical time and facility usage. This is particularly true for cases that require revision procedures. 

Patient Health Considerations

Patients with obesity-related health conditions often require more complex procedures and extensive monitoring, increasing the total cost. Otherwise, healthy patients can usually undergo more routine surgery.

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Average Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price 

Closely examining the costs of various weight loss surgeries reveals that prices can differ significantly depending on the type of procedure as well as geographic location.

Traditionally, gastric bypass surgery has been one of the more expensive options. More recently, however, the cost of sleeve gastrectomy has decreased substantially, making it a more competitive and frequently chosen treatment.

The significant price drop is largely due to its growth in popularity and refinements in technique. Because of these declines, sleeve gastrectomy is now one of the more affordable options for patients considering weight loss surgery. It provides similar health benefits and weight loss results as more expensive procedures.

The price for a gastric bypass has also traditionally been high given the complex rerouting of the digestive system it requires. Specifically looking at location, the cost for any bariatric procedure can vary widely across different areas of the country. The below table provides an estimated cost for the cost in different countries:

Turkey2800-3500 US dollars
United States15000-25000 US dollars
United Kingdom10000-13000 US dollars
Germany6000-10000 US dollars
Thailand3000-4000 US dollars
Mexico3200-4000 US dollars
Australia7000-10000 US dollars
Canada14000-20000 US dollars

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Price Breakdown

Obesity surgeries cost in Turkey involves more than just the surgical procedure itself. Patients undergoing a gastric sleeve or other weight loss operation may need to pay expenses for the surgical team, hospital fees, pre-and post-operative care, and travel arrangements, if needed.

Several specialists are involved in the surgery, which impacts the total cost too.  In short, here is a detailed breakdown of the total cost of gastric sleeve surgery:

Bariatric Surgeon Fees

As the lead surgeon operating, the bariatric specialist’s fees make up a significant portion of the cost. More experienced surgeons often have higher fees ranging from 8,000 to 15,000 US dollars in the United States.

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Nurse Fees

Bariatric procedures require additional nurses to monitor and assist the surgeon. Their salaries contribute to the overall hospital costs and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Hospital Facility Fees

In addition to the surgical team fees, the hospital facility charges cover operating room expenses, equipment usage, and overnight stays if needed. These costs often add several thousand dollars to the total bill.

Anesthesia Fees

General anesthesia is required for gastric sleeve and other bariatric surgeries. Anesthesiologist and anesthesia nurse fees range from 1,000 to 1,500 US dollars on average.

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Diagnostic Tests Fees

Pre-operative blood work, x-rays, and EKGs are needed to evaluate the overall patient’s health for surgery. These tests cost several hundred dollars.

Follow-Up Appointments Fees

Post-operative nutrition consultations and doctor’s visits are necessary for proper recovery. These recurring visits can cost 70 to 200 US dollars each time.

Transportation Fees

Finally, patients traveling for surgery will need a budget for transportation, hotel, and meal expenses. Local transportation or flights to the surgical destination, hotel stays, and daily meals should also considered as a potential burner of cash.

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Paying for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Paying for gastric sleeve is done through different channels or methods. Some patients plan for the procedure years before having it, while others make the decision quickly if they have the financial means.  

Some bariatric surgeons and hospitals offer payment plans, so consider asking your providers if you can pay for expenses related to your sleeve gastrectomy in multiple installments. Besides, some banks offer credits for those looking for quick financing for their medical procedures. 

Some insurance companies also offer promotional financing through credit cards to help you pay for gastric sleeve surgery as well as doctor visits, tests, follow-up care, and other expenses related to your weight loss surgery.

However, it’s unlikely that insurance will pay for the procedure unless it’s deemed necessary for one’s health, and this also applies to obesity surgery in Turkey. This means, most patients have to pay for the surgery directly from their pockets. 

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Comparing Gastric Sleeve Surgery Costs in the USA, UK, and Australia

Historically, weight loss surgeries like gastric sleeve procedures were predominantly accessed by middle to upper-class patients. 

The reason behind this is simple: the out-of-pocket expenses of more than 15,000 US dollars or more isn’t suitable for most households. The same applies to the UK, Canada, Australia, and other developed countries. 

However, insurance coverage for bariatric surgeries has been steadily increasing, making these options accessible to a broader population. Besides, the availability of safe weight loss procedures in countries like Turkey also makes it easier for people to get these procedures. 

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Costs in the USA

In the United States, gastric sleeve surgery has become one of the most common bariatric procedures. 

The cost for gastric sleeve surgery in America can vary based on geographic location (state) and the surgeon you choose. However, most patients today can expect to pay between 10,000 to 20,000 US dollars before or after insurance contributions. 

The procedure itself typically takes about one hour to perform. Most patients stay overnight in the hospital for initial recovery before being discharged. To help prepare for dietary changes post-surgery, a nutritionist will provide counseling before the operation.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Costs in the UK

Similar to the US, gastric sleeve surgery is gaining popularity in the United Kingdom as well. 

The typical cost for British patients ranges from 6,000 to 10,000 pounds depending on the surgeon, clinic, and length of hospital stay. Some facilities can perform the procedure on an outpatient basis, reducing costs.

When considering surgery, it’s wise to research pricing and policies at different hospitals and clinics. Comparing options and reading reviews from previous patients can help give you a clearer picture of potential costs and what to expect. As with any major procedure, you want to ensure you choose a skilled and experienced surgical team.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Costs in Australia

In Australia, costs for gastric sleeve surgery are comparable to other developed countries, ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 Australian dollars on average. Australian insurance plans are now recognizing obesity as a chronic health condition, allowing for more coverage of weight loss procedures. 

FAQs: Common Questions About Gastric Sleeve Surgery Costs

The initial sleeve surgery cost generally doesn’t include additional expenses like nutritional counseling, physical therapy, lab tests, and follow-up doctor’s visits.

If your gastric sleeve procedure is considered medically necessary by your doctor, you may be able to include the costs as part of the tax deductions for total medical expenses.

There is often little room for negotiating gastric sleeve costs directly, but you can ask about qualifying for any available discounts or payment plans.

Pre-op costs include diagnostic tests and nutritionist visits. The surgery itself covers surgeon, anesthesia, facility fees, and operating room expenses.

Many bariatric surgeons require a deposit of 500-2000 US dollars to hold your reserved surgery date. This is usually non-refundable if you cancel or reschedule less than 2-3 weeks out from the scheduled date.

Track all quotes and estimated costs, then plan for pre-op testing, time off work, post-op care, and nutritional supplements.

Travel costs, including airfare, hotel, and transportation, are separate expenses on top of the surgical fees if you opt to have gastric sleeve performed out of town. Factor in these additional costs when choosing a provider.

Case Studies and Patient Testimonials

As a clinic that provides gastric sleeve to thousands of international patients, we have accumulated many patients’ testimonials that document their cases. Below are examples of these patients (we use only our patients’ initials for privacy reasons):

” I just couldn’t imagine such level of care exists in Turkey! Before my sleeve surgery, I was very embarrassed by my large belly. Now I’m running circles around these fools at the gym! I It isn’t magic though – you must put in work controlling portions and eating healthy too”

Patient D.E. (44 years old male from the UK)

“I was nervous as hell about getting a gastric sleeve, but it turned out to be smooth sailing! Dr. Mustafa walked me through every step in Turkey, so I knew what to expect. I woke up feeling brand new! They had me up for some time. Months later and I’m still losing weight without trying”

Patient O.N. (34 years old female from USA)

“From where should I start here? This is the first time I wrote a testimony, but anyway! I struggled with weight my whole life, but this surgery finally helped me conquer my battle with food. Shout out to the amazing doctors and nurses at International Clinics. They explained everything and made me feel comfy.”

Patient K.R. (37 years old male from Canada)

Tips for Budgeting and Reducing Gastric Sleeve Surgery Costs

For patients on a modest budget, here are some tips for budgeting and reducing the costs of gastric sleeve surgery:

  • Check if your health insurance will cover part of the costs. Many plans now cover a portion of weight loss surgery, but not always of course.
  • For those with no or limited insurance, ask your surgeon about payment plans to spread costs over time. 
  • Compare quotes between different surgeons and facilities. Pricing can vary greatly, allowing you to find the most reasonable rate.
  • Ask if discounts are offered for paying the full amount upfront in cash rather than financing. 
  • Think about traveling domestically or overseas for surgery if you live in a high-cost country. The savings on procedure costs may offset travel expenses.
  • Look into medical tourism packages that bundle pricing with travel, accommodation, and other services.
  • Inquire about any financial assistance programs or grants offered by surgical centers or non-profits. 
  • Keep receipts for potential tax deductions. If medically necessary, surgery and related costs can potentially be deducted.
  • Stick to your budget when planning for supplemental costs like garments, vitamins, missed work, etc. These extras can add up.


Bariatric surgery such as gastric sleeve can improve the quality of life for those who struggle to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. However, these procedures often come with a high price tag.

The total cost you will pay depends on several factors such as location, complexity of the surgery, fees of your surgeon, and fees of the facility. Hence, prices can vary greatly between 2800-20000 US dollars. 

Before committing to surgery, verify with your health insurance provider exactly what procedures are covered under your current policy. There may be specific requirements you need to meet first.

For those unable to afford bariatric surgery, there are some less expensive nonsurgical options for weight loss as well. These may include prescription medications, gastric balloons, or other procedures. 

International Clinics is one of the most trusted providers of bariatric procedures in Turkey. We proudly have provided gastric sleeve and gastric bypass to thousands of patients from the United States, United Kingdom, France, and other countries. Reach out to us now to explore your options.