If you’re experiencing severe obesity that doesn’t respond to conventional weight loss methods such as dieting or exercise, then why not think seriously about having a gastric sleeve surgery abroad? Considering this option can save you a lot of money and headache.

Each year, thousands of people with obesity travel abroad to undergo bariatric surgery in other countries that are known for offering cheaper costs for such procedures. Next, you’re going to learn all you need to know about the best destinations and packages in these countries.

Why Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abroad?

Gastric Sleeve Abroad

Let’s face the elephant in the room! Most people with severe obesity want to get rid of this problem quickly with less effort possible. They know that gastric sleeve and gastric bypass can make the job done, but the cost is often well out of the reach of many of them. Here comes the value of having gastric sleeve surgery abroad.


The cost of gastric sleeve surgery varies greatly depending on different factors, such as the country or location and the clinic or surgeon’s reputation. gastric sleeve surgery abroad can be a cost-effective option for people who are unable to afford the procedure in their own country.

Indeed, Americans, Canadians, Australians, and Europeans can save up to 70% by having the surgery in countries such as Turkey, Costa Rica, India, and Mexico. The low cost of gastric sleeve remains one of the most common reasons behind the trend of having gastric sleeve abroad.


While health insurance companies often provide coverage for gastric sleeve associated with medical conditions, they usually refuse to cover gastric sleeve surgery associated with a patient’s mere desire to shed more pounds. For a procedure to be covered by your insurance company, it must be deemed “medically necessary”.

Thanks to the availability of gastric sleeve abroad, people can have the surgery at a very affordable price tag without the need for any sort of medical insurance. The procedure is provided by dozens of clinics and hospitals in different countries. This gives patients the luxury of choice, especially for those who live in countries like Canada. Indeed, there is a study published in 2018 about the domestic barriers that prompt Canadians to seek bariatric surgery abroad, and has confirmed the increasing desire among people to travel abroad because of availability issues that they face in their home country.


Having a gastric sleeve abroad isn’t less effective than having it in your home country. Whether in Turkey, Thailand, Germany, or the United States, surgeons follow the same surgical steps to perform the procedure with minor variations. As you may already know, the gastric sleeve helps you lose weight quickly and provides you with permanent results.

Additionally, the surgery can lead to several positive changes in your life, including improved physical abilities and sexual performance. Your social life may also improve as well as your self-confidence and self-esteem become more robust.

Best Destinations for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abroad

best Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abroad

Medical tourism is booming in many countries around the world. However, not all countries are good choices for people who seek affordable, safe gastric sleeve. If you live in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia, you may already realize the high cost of gastric sleeve and other obesity procedures in your country, leading you to search for more cost-effective alternatives overseas. Below is a quick overview of the best destinations for gastric sleeve abroad:


Sandwiched between Europe and Asia, Turkey is the preferred destination of many Europeans and Americans who want to shed extra pounds and, at the same time, feel close to home. The country is home to many respected clinics and hospitals, such as International Clinics, which provide affordable, high-quality treatments to international patients. Europeans prefer Turkey because clinics in the country offer all-inclusive, highly desirable packages intended to cover all aspects of gastric sleeve procedures.


Known for its progressive, emerging economy in Europe, Poland starts to gain a good reputation among international patients who seek gastric sleeve. Again, the cost might still be an issue, but the quality of healthcare is outstandingly impressive, at least in the well-known clinics and hospitals in the country.

The Czech Republic

Located in the heart of the old continent, the Czech Republic is also another popular destination for weight-loss surgeries. Clinics in the country are known for their high-quality outcomes. Just like Turkey, many Europeans prefer the Czech Republic, but the cost of treatment in the country doesn’t come near to what is in Turkey.


When it comes to cheap surgery in Asia, no one should overlook India, the land of spices and colors. Although the quality of gastric sleeve remains a highly controversial topic for many international patients, many patients choose Indian clinics as they provide bariatric surgery at astonishingly lower rates. Nonetheless, the respected Indian clinics try to raise their quality by employing expert doctors with high potential for excellent results and safe aftercare treatment.


This Asian tiger is mostly the choice of tourists who seek a high dose of pleasure, but recently, the country has become a prominent player in medical tourism too. Expectedly, the cost of gastric sleeve in Thailand is also competitive, but not all Thai clinics and hospitals provide the quality that Europeans are looking for.


For many Americans, Mexico is the right choice for gastric sleeve because it’s close to home and easily accessible. The cost of gastric sleeve in Mexico is affordable too. However, Mexican clinics and hospitals have a lot of things to improve to reach the quality of healthcare in the United States, Germany, and Turkey.

Packages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abroad

Gastric Sleeve Abroad Packages

Packages of gastric sleeve surgery come in different details and price tags. As an international patient, you must be aware of fake and unrealistic, exaggerated claims concerning the low-cost packages offered by clinics in any given country.

The number of gastric sleeve packages abroad is staggering on the web, making it hard to pick the right one. A quick search on Google will reveal hundreds of clinics and doctors who offer gastric sleeve packages in Turkey, Mexico, Costa Rica, and other destinations. In any case, a good gastric sleeve package should cover the costs of the following:

  • Preoperative examinations and tests
  • Consultation and work of the anesthesiologist
  • Consultation of cardiologists and respiratory specialists
  • The surgery tools and anesthesia drugs
  • Drugs and supplements that should be used after surgery
  • Garments and varicose vein stockings
  • Airport reception and hotel accommodation
  • Transportation between the hotel and the clinic
  • Language assistance and hotline for support
  • Diet plans and postoperative consultations
  • Tours and entertainment services

Risks of Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abroad

Clearly, choosing to have a gastric sleeve in another territory has a significant value for those who seek affordable, easy-to-get treatment, but there are multiple drawbacks that should be mentioned here. Indeed, many studies and news reports have raised red flags regarding this subject.

Surgery Risks

Surgeons have been performing gastric sleeve surgery for over 3 decades now. Millions of people underwent the surgery without showing serious symptoms or complications. However, this might not be the case for everybody. Severe complications could rise from the gastric sleeve, including bleeding, stomach leaks, anesthesia reactions, in addition to visible scars on the abdomen. The likelihood of developing such problems is higher among those who undergo the surgery in Asian or Caribbean countries.

Less Protection

Not all countries have a developed, well-regulated healthcare or medical tourism industry. If things went wrong or if the patient didn’t receive the results they were expecting, it would be a bit challenging to pursue legal actions in some countries, especially in Asian countries. Moreover, things are going to be more difficult if the patient has no previous experience in the country or doesn’t speak the local language.

Limited Aftercare

It’s very important to have access to high-quality postoperative care following gastric sleeve. Unfortunately, many clinics don’t provide adequate aftercare, which may affect the results of the procedure in the long term. Hence, it’s very recommended to search for clinics that provide follow-up appointments, regular blood tests, diet consultations, and other postoperative services after gastric sleeve.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abroad Prices

Prices of gastric sleeve surgery abroad differ between countries and regions. Eastern countries tend to be cheaper, while Western countries tend to be more expensive.

It’s hard to give specific costs for surgery in any country because there are other factors that influence the overall cost, such as the surgeon’s reputation and the extra services offered by the clinic or hospital. In any case, the table below provides an estimated cost for gastric sleeve in different countries:

Turkey3500-4000 US dollars
United States13000-20000 US dollars
United Kingdom9000-14000 US dollars
Poland6000-10000 US dollars
Germany13000-16000 US dollars
Czech Republic8000-10000 US dollars
Canada15000-20000 US dollars
India4000-5000 US dollars
Thailand10000-15000 US dollars
Mexico4500-6500 US dollars

Other Kinds of Bariatric Surgery Abroad

If a gastric sleeve was too risky or too expensive for you to have abroad, you can consider other types of bariatric surgery or procedures, such as:

  • Gastric bypass: This surgery is often described as being more effective than the gastric sleeve, but it has its own share of potential complications. You can find many clinics that offer gastric bypass in Turkey, Mexico, and Poland.
  • Stomach Botox: People are increasingly asking about stomach Botox due to its simplicity and affordability, especially in Turkey. Surely, the risks and postoperative care need after these injections are remarkably less than those associated with gastric sleeve, but they remain a temporary solution, unlike gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. 
  • Gastric balloon: Another option to consider is a gastric or stomach balloon, which is also available as a “pill” that you can take with a cup of water! It inflates inside your stomach to occupy more space and make you less hungry. This procedure is cheap and doesn’t pose as many risks as gastric sleeve, but it’s a temporary solution.

The Bottom Line

Seeking gastric sleeve surgery abroad has its advantages and drawbacks unless you choose a very respected clinic in a safe country, such as Turkey or Poland. As more and more clinics around the world promote their services online and claim to be the best in the field, patients regularly face the dilemma of choosing a true, authentic provider of gastric sleeve, especially when deciding to have surgery in an Asian country.

International Clinics in Turkey is one of the leading, most sought-after providers of gastric sleeve in the country. Our surgeons have performed the procedure on thousands of patients from North America and Europe, as well as from Asia and Australia. You can contact us now using the Contact Us button below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Country Is Best for Gastric Sleeve?

Turkey by far is the best option for gastric sleeve. The combination of low-cost, high-quality, well-regulated practice makes the country well-suited for international patients who seek gastric sleeve or any other bariatric surgery abroad.

Is It Safe to Have a Gastric Sleeve Abroad?

It’s safe to have a gastric sleeve abroad as long as you’re pretty sure about the reputation of the clinic and country that you’ve chosen. After all, not all countries maintain the same level of safety and regulation. Hence, it’s better to question everything before taking your final decision.

What Country Has the Best Bariatric Surgeons?

There is no reliable, enough data to pinpoint the country that has the best bariatric surgeons. However, the United States, Germany, and Turkey are known for being home to highly skilled surgeons who can perform different kinds of bariatric surgery, including gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.

What Are the Downsides of Gastric Sleeve?

Although the gastric sleeve is generally safe, it still has some downsides and potential risks, such as bleeding, infections, and internal leaking. It’s also permanent and can’t be reversed and can cause acid reflux and dumping syndrome.

Is It Safe to Have Weight Loss Surgery Abroad?

Having weight loss surgery abroad is safe most of the time. Unfortunately, however, some people may face unfortunate experiences if they choose unreliable medical providers in selected countries in the East. Thus, it’s very important to do one’s homework to pick the right country and the right clinic.

Is It Safe to Go to Turkey for Bariatric Surgery?

It’s safe to go to Turkey for bariatric surgery as the country is home to multiple respected names in the field of weight loss procedures and technologies. People often choose Turkey because the medical practice is heavily regulated and maintained by the government, unlike many other countries.

Why Do People Fail After Gastric Sleeve?

People fail after gastric sleeve due to multiple potential causes, such as developing hormone problems or structural changes in the stomach or refusal to follow the postoperative dietary guidelines. 

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