The world is changing! Yes, it changes so rapidly and unpredictably! In the past, it was inconceivable that people can easily lose weight by swallowing a pill. Now, things have changed! You can swallow a gastric pill that inflates inside your stomach like a balloon to help you feel full all the time, leading to weight loss. If you like the idea, then you must think seriously about getting a gastric pill balloon in Turkey.

Although the technology of gastric balloons reached a lot of countries recently, people from all over the world come to Turkey to try weight loss solutions, especially gastric (Elipse) pill balloons.

Turkey is home to many well-known clinics and weight loss experts, who offer their services at competitive price tags, and that includes all types of obesity surgery in Turkey.

Furthermore, the Turkish medical tourism industry has risen and gained a great reputation for its high quality and organized practice.

The gastric (Elipse) balloon is a non-surgical procedure for people who want to lose a moderate amount of weight but without surgery. This balloon will help you eat less as it occupies more space in your stomach, just like other forms of gastric balloons.

Also, it will delay the process of stomach emptying and make you feel full for a prolonged time. Obliviously, this method is extremely useful since it dramatically decreases the risk of various obesity-related disorders.

Why Should You Try Gastric Pill Balloon in Turkey?

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Many influencers and celebrities chose to visit Turkey to try weight loss solutions. Many of them successfully got the ideal body of their dream. What makes Turkey a special and preferred destination for people who seek quick and reliable weight loss solutions can be revealed in the following points:

Cheap Gastric Pill Balloons

Because gastric pill balloon procedures are typically not covered by insurance, they tend to be expensive and out of reach of many people. As a result, many people choose to get their treatment abroad, where costs are significantly lower.

Turkish clinics offer gastric pill balloons at strikingly cheaper prices compared to other clinics around the globe. In fact, you can get the procedure at half the price of what other clinics offer in other countries, especially in Europe and North America.

Distinguished Doctors

In Turkey, you can easily find qualified doctors and surgeons who specialize in obesity treatments and surgeries -such as gastric balloon and gastric sleeve in Turkey-and who have the necessary experience to deal with all sorts of digestive problems. Some of these doctors have built a far-reaching reputation for themselves around the world.

In addition, Turkish clinics follow a strict policy when it comes to hiring surgeons who are supposed to deal with international patients.  

Satisfactory Results

The number of happy and satisfied patients who tried the Elipse balloons in Turkey is very high. Indeed, people from all around the world report a high level of satisfaction with the results they receive in Turkey.

Of course, this shouldn’t surprise us since we know that Turkish clinics use innovative technologies and comply heavily with a quality policy that emphasizes patients’ satisfaction and tries to meet their expectations.  However, the results might not be as satisfactory as the results fo gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey.

Safe & High-Quality Practice

As a part of their quality policy, Turkish clinics care extensively about the safety and privacy of each international patient. If you decide to undergo a gastric pill balloon in Turkey, you will enjoy a high level of safety, security, and overall experience.

The Turkish authorities have given the medical tourism sector great attention lately to increase quality and enhance the reputation of this particular sector worldwide.

All-Inclusive Packages

Not only you will enjoy cheaper and high-quality gastric pill balloons in Turkey, but also a wide range of additional and exciting activities and services as well. For the purpose of attracting more patients, Turkish clinics commonly offer additional services to enrich the overall experience of their patients.

For instance, some clinics offer accommodation, hospitality, or tourism trips. Here at International Clinics, we treat our patients with such packages to bring value and satisfaction to their overall experience.

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What Exactly Is Gastric Pill Balloon?

The gastric pill balloon, known also as the swallowable Allurion or Elipse gastric balloon, is a recent innovation that treats obesity without surgery, endoscopy, or sedation. It is a new balloon technology that doesn’t involve surgery or pharmaceuticals, but it can treat obesity and help you lose weight and get many health and cosmetic benefits, especially when used combined with a diet.

To put it simply, all you need to do is to ingest a pill that turns into a balloon in your stomach roughly the size of a grapefruit. Months later, your body excretes the balloon spontaneously. Usually, people receive the pill balloon during an outpatient procedure.

The Elipse balloon is a soft polyurethane balloon contained within a pill that you can swallow directly. Many news sites and credible medical sources have praised this technology.

Doctors usually attach the pill to a thin catheter or tube. They fill the balloon with 550mL of fluid through the catheter once it reached a specific place in the stomach.

The balloon usually collapses automatically after 16 weeks and leaves the body naturally. Testimonials of the swallowable gastric balloons in Turkey are mostly positive despite the effects being limited compared to other obesity surgeries, such as gastric bypass surgery.

Steps of Gastric Pill Balloon Procedure

Turkish doctors can place the swallowable gastric pill balloon in only 20 minutes. The steps of the procedure include:

  • First, you will swallow the pill with a glass of water under the direction and supervision of the doctor.
  • After swallowing the pill, you’ll get an X-ray to check the location of the balloon in your stomach
  • Next, your doctor will inflate the balloon with 550mL of fluid.
  • After the balloon has been filled, an X-ray image will be taken to ensure that it is fully inflated and appropriately situated within the stomach.

Eventually, after around 16 weeks, a valve on the balloon opens in the stomach, allowing the balloon’s fluid to drain and deflate, so your body can expel it naturally into the toilet.

elipse balloon before and after

Candidates for Gastric Pill Balloon in Turkey

A gastric pill balloon can help you lose weight and manage other obesity-related concerns, such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. You can start thinking seriously about this option if you:

  • Have a BMI of 27 or more.
  • Are unable to undergo other obesity surgeries because you’re extremely overweight.
  • Want to avoid the risks and complications of other obesity surgeries, such as gastric sleeve.

In any case, before choosing if a gastric balloon is right for you, your doctor will measure your BMI and perform a thorough examination. They also may check the condition of your stomach and digestive functions.

Benefits of Getting Gastric Pill Balloon in Turkey

The technology of swallowable gastric pill balloons carries a lot of benefits for patients, especially in Turkey. Perhaps, this technology will become one of the most sought-after methods for weight loss in the near future. The benefits that you’re going to get include:

  • No need for endoscopic surgery or anesthesia.
  • The procedure is quick as it takes only 10 to 15 minutes to complete.
  • Boosts your self-confidence and get some extra health advantages.
  • Meet experienced doctors who have performed this procedure for hundreds of patients before.
  • Enjoy an easy way to lose weight in a short time.
  • Allow your stomach to feel satisfied after eating small meals.
  • Spare yourself the risk of various obesity-related disorders.
  • Get more time to learn a new diet during the next six months.
  • Enjoy traveling to one of the most gorgeous countries in the world.
  • Retrieve your fitness and toned body.
  • Experience premium hospitality at reasonable costs.

Success Rate of Gastric Pill Balloon in Turkey

The success of gastric pill balloons is high and most patients express a high level of satisfaction. Expect to lose about 2 to 3 kg of your excess weight in the first week alone! In fact, people usually lose 7-15% of their excess weight while the balloon is in their bodies.

The procedure of gastric bill balloon is simple and rarely causes discomfort. If you choose the right doctor, you will receive the pill quickly without going into hassle. However, to get the success you’re seeking, you must show commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Risks of Gastric Pill Balloon

Thankfully, the swallowable gastric pill balloon has a very limited number of risks or complications. You may, however, feel some symptoms in the first 3-4 days after the procedure, such as nausea, vomiting, and mild stomach discomfort, but these are uncommon.

In any case, if the patient is unable to tolerate the balloon in the first week or so, the doctor can remove it easily by endoscopy, but the chance of this happening is 1-2% only.

Cost of Gastric Pill Balloon in Turkey

gastric balloon pill cost turkey

The average cost of a gastric pill balloon in Turkey is around 2700 US dollars, which is lower than the gastric sleeve cost in Turkey. Nevertheless, Turkish clinics don’t follow definitive criteria for pricing, so expect noticeable variations in costs and packages. Also, the pricing depends on several factors, such as the cost of your balloon, the doctor’s and staff’s experience and reputation, hospital fees, etc.

However, the cost of a gastric pill balloon in Turkey is still remarkably cheap compared to other countries. In the United Kingdom, for example, the cost can reach up to 6000 US dollars. Also, in the United States, clinics can charge up to 8000 US dollars, which is 3-4 times what Turkish clinics can offer!

Final Thought

Gastric pill balloon is trending among people who seek safer and quick weight loss solution. Although this solution brings temporary results, the benefits that you will gain from a gastric pill balloon are numerous and deserve serious attention, especially if you decide to undergo the procedure in Turkey.

International Clinics has successfully provided this treatment for many happy international patients. Thanks to our innovative technologies and experts, our patients enjoy a remarkable level of quality and pleasant results. If you need to learn more about gastric pill balloons, you can contact us directly through our website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Easy to Swallow the Pill Balloon?

Yes. You can easily swallow the pill balloon without worrying. People who have trouble swallowing will receive help from doctors who will guide the balloon into the right position without the need for endoscopy or anesthesia.

How Much Weight Can I Lose with Gastric Pill Balloon?

You can expect to lose 20-50% of your weight following the successful insertion of a gastric pill balloon.

Are There Any Alternatives to This Method?

Yes of course. You can think about the classic gastric balloon, sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric bypass. However, these alternatives require surgery and invasive steps, which need a hospital stay and extended recovery time.

What Diet to Follow After Gastric Pill Balloon?

You must only drink liquids during the first days following the procedure. After that, you can go to solid foods. You will feel fuller and satisfied after using the balloon, allowing you to consume a limited amount of food.

How Much Is Gastric Surgery in Turkey?

The answer depends on the kind of surgery you’re seeking. In case you want to undergo gastric sleeve surgery, for instance, you may need to pay around 3000-4000 US dollars. Other gastric surgeries can be more expensive, depending on the complexity.

Can I Drink Alcohol with a Gastric Balloon?

Yes, but alcohol can cause heartburn. Hence, it’s better to avoid drinking while gastric ballon is in your stomach.

What Should I Know About Turkey?

When you visit Turkey, you will meet friendly people who welcome international patients with open arms. The people speak Turkish, but many of them can use English, especially those who work in the medical sector.
Accommodation options are plenty and online services are available easily for new arrivals. International Clinics can help you through your journey by offering premium and holistic packages that suit all your needs.

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