D.O.B: 1983

P.O.B: Azerbaijan

Language: Russian, English

PATENT: Turkish Patent and Trademark İnstitution

  • İnvention Title: Tumor Removal Device 
  • Application İssue No.: TR 2018 09168 A2
  • Document No.: TR 2018 09168 B 

Job experience (12 year)

  • (2021- Continued): Istanbul, Turkey (private hospital).
  • (2019-2020): Central Custom Hospital, General and Endocrine Surgery department. Azerbaijan.
  • (2019): Endocrine and Metabolism İnsitute, Department of Endocrine Surgery. Cleveland Clinic, Ohio/ USA.
  • (2014-2019): İstanbul Bezmialem University Hospital / General Surgery department. Turkey.
  • (2009-2014): Sumgayıt Emergency and Urgent care hospital / General Surgeon. Azerbaijan.
  • (2006-2007): Moscow Clinical Hospital No. 33 named after A. A. Ostroumova. Russia.


  • He received primary and high school education between 1990 and 2000 in Sumgayıt City Technical and Natural Sciences High School.
  • He graduated from Azerbaijan Medical University in 2006. 
  • Between 2006 – 2007 he had post-graduated for General/ hospital Surgery in Moscow, Russia.
  • He completed residency education in the General Surgery department in Bezmialem Vakıf University Hospital, in Istanbul / Turkey between 2014 – 2019.
  • In 2019, he worked as clinical fellow doctor in the Department of Endocrine and Metabolism Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic hospital in the United States.

Courses and Certifications:

  • “Basic Ultrasonography Course in Trauma and Emergency” 2015 Antalya/ Turkey.
  • “14th Animal Use in Experimental Research Course” Bezmialem University, 2017.
  • “Endoscopy course”, 21th National Surgical Congress. 2018 Antalya/ Turkey.
  • “Robotic Abdominal Wall Hernia Repair Course” 2018, İstanbul / Turkey.
  • “Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy certification” 2019. Bezmialem University Hospital. Turkey.

Scientific articles published in National and Turkish Medical Journals:

  • Tumor-to-tumor metastasis: a case of lung carcinoma metastasizing to thyroid Neoplasm  (American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.(AACE) Jul-2017) .
  • Does gravity affect the anatomic location of parathyroid glands in secondary hyperplasia cases? (Journal of Investigative Surgery. Jul-2017 and Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology . Oct-2017) .
  • Results of 150 subtotal parathyroidectomies for secondary hyperparathyroidism  (ANZ Journal of Surgery (Australasian College of Surgeons), dec-2018 and The American Journal of Surgery, Submission no: AJS_2019_706
  • ”Vücut morfometrik ölçüm değerlerinin mide adenokarsinomunun postoperativ komplikasyonlara ve lenf nodu kalitesine etkisi” (19. Ulusal Cerrahi Kongresi, 15. Cerrahi Hemşireliği Kongresi, ANTALYA, TÜRKIYE, 13-17 Nisan 2016, ss.264-264)
  • Pancreas-preserving duodenectomy in a patient with duodenal polyposis (13.Türk Hepato Pankreato Bilier Cerrahi Kongresi. 1-4 kasım 2017 Türk Cerrahi Dergisi)
  • Nadir Bir Patoloji: Pnömotozis Sistoides İntestinalis (20.Ulusal Cerrahi Kongresi. 13-17 nisan 2016)
  • Distal Pankreas tümörlerinde Laparaskopik Cerrahi deneyimimiz (13.Ulusal Endoskopik Laparaksopik Cerrahi Kongresi . 19-22 nisan 2017)
  • Kist Hidatik Cerrahisinde Laparaskopik Cerrahi deneyimimiz (13.Ulusal Endoskopik Laparaksopik Cerrahi Kongresi . 19-22 nisan 2017)
  • Peptik Ülser Perforasyonu Cerrahisi sonrası kontrol Endoskopisinin klinik yönetime etkisi (13.Ulusal Endoskopik Laparaksopik Cerrahi Kongresi . 19-22 nisan 2017)