An In-Depth Guide on Plastic Surgery Prices in Turkey

An In-Depth Guide on Plastic Surgery Prices in TurkeyAn In-Depth Guide on Plastic Surgery Prices in TurkeyAn In-Depth Guide on Plastic Surgery Prices in Turkey

Over the past couple of decades, Turkey has ascended as an epicenter of medical tourism in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. The country’s affordable healthcare ecosystem has a special appeal to international patients, especially those from the developed world.

Of course, without the integration of medical best practices and safety benchmarks, worldwide credibility for Turkish healthcare would remain nothing more than a distant dream. 

The stricter surgical protocols mandated through electronic health records alongside an influx of globally trained Turkish physicians have paved the pathways since the early 2000s for Turkey to become among the best destinations for plastic surgery. 

Turky’s experience in delivering safe and effective plastic and reconstructive surgery has added shine to its medical tourism crown.

Procedures such as breast augmentations, facelifts, tummy tucks, and fat reduction are just a few of the surgeries commonly performed by Turkish surgeons. The same thing is also true for invasive bariatric procedures such asgastric sleeve in Turkey.

With certifications now positioning Turkish physicians among the most skilled plastic surgeons with internationally recognized credentials, it’s not a surprise to witness high success rates that meet benchmarks even in relatively newer sub-specialties surgery.

Overview of Plastic Surgery Costs in Turkey

Having plastic surgery in Turkey is a legitimate goal for many people traveling from all over the world to take advantage of the high-quality, cheaper services offered in the country.

However, prices vary widely depending on the procedure even in Turkey, but in general, having any surgery in Turkey costs less than what it would cost in places like the United States, Western Europe, or Australia.

Its important to remember also that costs aren’t uniform across all Turkish clinics and can indeed fluctuate based on factors like the specific technique used.

Nonetheless, almost all procedures (including the extensive or complex ones) remain extremely affordable for international patients coming from highly expensive northern countries such as Sweden. 

Besides, Turkey has its weight also in cosmetic dentistry and hair transplants - two procedures for which the country has become renowned globally. Obesity surgery in Turkey is also very recognized worldwide.

For both treatments, patients can expect costs at least 50-65% lower compared to prices back home. 

Here is a quick recap of the cost associated with popular plastic surgery in Turkey: 

Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs)

Rhinoplasty cost in Turkey ranges between 3,000-4,500 US dollars on average. The primary nose reshaping often costs around 3,500 US dollars and the costs go up for techniques like revision nose job, which fully exposes nasal anatomy and reshapes the inner structure. Nonetheless, even at the “high-end” Turkish rhinoplasty, the cost remains 80% cheaper than in the US.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation with a full package and services can cost a maximum of 6,000 US dollars in Turkey. Saline implants tend to be cheaper, while silicone tends to cost more. Such a full breast augmentation in the US rarely can be less than 10,000 US dollars. 


The cost for this procedure depends largely on the number of targeted areas and the techniques (water, laser, or power techniques). For one single area, the cost can be less than only 2,500 US dollars. Laser liposuction often costs more, given the nature of this advanced technology. Nonetheless, even at the higher tier, the costs pale in comparison to the US.


In Turkey, the cost of a facelift can reach up to 5,000 US dollars in maximum. A full facelift including a neck lift starts at around 7,500 US dollars but this ultimately depends on how extensive the procedures are. More complex composite facelifts with multiple methods like lasers or ultrasound can of course cost more. However, even with all that in mind, the cost in Turkey remains much cheaper than in the US or UK.  

Comparative Plastic Surgery Prices in Turkey

Analyzing the costs of medical services or invasive procedures between countries clearly shows that Turkey is an affordable option relative to more developed Western and English-speaking nations. 

In fact, looking at the prices of real estate, healthcare, education, or consumer goods in Turkey makes it clear that the prices remain lower across most of all these categories. 

However, Turkey’s emerging market status can make quality control less consistent. Nonetheless, those willing to do research can find exceptional value compared to Western standards. Here is a brief comparative cost analysis between Turkey and other countries: 

Breakdown of Specific Surgery Costs

You may need to break down costs by individual components to create a better picture and allow yourself to understand the value you will be receiving. 

Clearly, the final cosmetic surgery cost in Turkey varies, but patients can understand the “why” behind the cost. Armed with this knowledge, consumers can also negotiate - or at minimum determine if expenses seem justified or make sense. 

When exploring popular surgeries -like rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and liposuction- the money is usually spent on multiple items or services. Below is a detailed cost breakdown for some of these surgeries in Turkey:


Basic rhinoplasty in Turkey starts at under 3,000 US dollars, but costs can scale up from there depending on the complexity of the technique and customization involved. 

Breast Augmentation

Saline implants tend to cost less than silicone. Nonetheless, both remain affordable - helping explain Turkey’s popularity for breast enhancements. Total expenses generally fall between 6,000 - 7,000 US dollars.


The extent of treatment areas largely impacts costs more than anything. Additional areas mean higher surgeon’s fees. Nonetheless, even total body treatments rarely surpass 5,000 in Turkey.

Factors Affecting Surgery Prices in Turkey

Surgery abroad comes with many variables that patients rarely consider domestically or at home. 

Nonetheless, Turkey\s value proposition relies largely on continued affordability for most procedures. Prices often fluctuate based on several key factors, which patients should recognize beforehand. 

By understanding the components that influence costs, consumers make informed decisions about priorities and budgets. Several core factors that often affect pricing across clinics include:

Surgeon\s Expertise & Reputation

More experienced surgeons -unsurprisingly- charge higher fees in general. However, their expertise also typically yields better results and reduces revision likelihood.

So higher costs may hint at long-term value. Nonetheless, those new to cosmetic surgery may be unaware of surgeons’ impact on both cost and care quality. Besides, this factor is largely affecting the price tags of other intensive procedures, such as gastric sleeve cost in Turkey.

Clinic Location

Prime real estate comes at a premium everywhere, meaning that central city clinics must charge more to cover their operational cost. However, suburban clinics provide immense savings, and in Istanbul, there are many clinics that have such advantages. 


Cutting-edge tech, such as laser liposuction or ultrasound facelifts, could cost more given the substantial equipment investments involved. However, these also enable more precision results. 

Patients must decide if the tech justifies higher fees. Respected clinics invest heavily in the latest innovations, which inevitably raise prices. Nonetheless, basic procedures at ordinary clinics remain budget-friendly.

Aftercare Support

Follow-up appointments, medications, and post-op compression garments all facilitate healing but add more expenses. This type of support is also very important after gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey and other bariatric procedures.

However, clinics including these within fixed-price packages allow for predictable budgeting. 

When quoted an all-inclusive price, patients recognize actual surgery fees claim most costs. Nonetheless, itemized bills revealing separate aftercare expenses may catch patients unaware if they have not budgeted properly.

Travel and Accommodation Costs

While the visions of finally achieving aesthetic goals consume most patients’ imaginations, the financial realities surrounding medical travel often remain challenging and require a deeper understanding when exploring cosmetic surgery prices in Turkey.

Nonetheless, this major life investment extends far beyond surgery itself. Turkey\s favorable exchange rate and budget-friendly price tags make overall costs palatable compared to other destinations. 

Wise budgeting and careful planning could cut down on some of the expected expenses. When mapping out complete costs, several key travel and stay costs require consideration:

Safety and Quality of Care in Turkish Clinics

Surgery abroad inevitably provokes some anxiety over standards of care, traveling, and unpredictable nuances. 

Horror stories of medical tourism gone wrong undoubtedly proliferate online and on different social platforms. 

However, health tourism in Turkey is known for its strict quality benchmarks even though clinics still vary widely in accreditation, amenities, and surgical talent. Facts related to this matter include: 

Patient Testimonials and Success Stories

Thousands of patients visit Turkey each year to undergo different types of plastic procedures, and many of them often leave personalized testimonials or reviews or even share their stories online. Below are some testimonials left by 3 patients who undergone plastic procedures at International Clinics (we only use their initials due to privacy reasons): 

"Oh mates, liposuction is mad expensive in Australia. I went to Turkey for a \lipo vacation\ and fatty got my gut sucked out for way cheaper. The clinic was gorgeous, the doctor knew his stuff, and now I\m walkin around with more toned figure! Should have done it years ago tbh."

Patient L.R (37 years old female from Australia)

"I learned not to overlookin\ plastic surgery abroad just cause of the prices. I got meself a wee little facelift done in Istanbul, Turkey I did. And I\ll tell ya, them surgeons were top o\ he mornin\! The hospital itself was fancier than anythin\ across the pond stateside, I\ll tell ya that much. Cost me less than a third o\ what it would\ve back in Ireland!”

Patient S.M (41 years old male from Ireland)

"Cherry-picked me a gorgeous surgeon in Turkey to give these droopy mom boobs a makeover with some bangin\ new silicones! Paid less than what my friend spent just for fillers back home! Turkey knows how to take care of you for cheap."

Patient P.R (35 years old female from the United States)


Obviously, Turkey is the destination for immense savings opportunities compared to other destinations that offer the same plastic procedures. Costs for rhinoplasties, breast augmentations, liposuction, facelifts, and other similar procedures are 50% less than those in the US. 

Assuming low prices mean terrible care remains unfair in the case of Turkey. After all, the country actually excels in its exceptional quality.

Nonetheless, substantial variability between clinics in costs and accreditation means selecting reputable, experienced surgeons carries importance. Yet, the notion that only elite clinics provide satisfactory outcomes also can be misleading.

Significant savings await those willing to invest time in uncovering the best values offered by reputable clinics in Turkey that provide exceptional affordable care.

International Clinics in Istanbul continues shining as a top budget-friendly global plastic surgery provider, especially for those seeking procedures such as liposuction and nose jobs. You can contact us directly to explore our latest packages and offers. 

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What Is the Average Cost of Plastic Surgery Procedures in Turkey?
The average cost for common plastic surgery procedures like boob jobs, nose jobs, lipo, etc in Turkey is between 2500-6000 US dollars.
Are There Any Hidden Fees or Additional Costs Associated with Plastic Surgery in Turkey?
There are not too many hidden fees if you do your homework and pick the right clinic. Just make sure the surgeon quotes you on the full package price including medical care at the clinic and medications.
Can I Get Financing Options or Payment Plans for Plastic Surgery in Turkey?
Some clinics may offer payment plans if you ask them, and some may allow you to pay half upfront and half later. But usually outside financing is tough.
What Are the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in Turkey?
There are no clear statistics regarding this matter. However, boob jobs, nose jobs, liposuction/tummy tucks, and hair transplants are among the most commonly performed procedures in the country!
Are There Any Quality Standards and Regulations for Plastic Surgery Clinics in Turkey?
Turkey has legitimate regulations on healthcare and medical tourism. Lots of their clinics also get accredited internationally.
How Can I Verify the Credentials and Qualifications of Plastic Surgeons in Turkey?
Ask for their full credentials and training experience, search for reviews and previous cases, and ask their colleagues.
Is It Safe to Combine Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures During One Trip to Turkey?
It’s possible to combine multiple plastic procedures in one trip, but you need to be very careful about such procedures, especially if they’re very invasive in nature.