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Penis Enlargement Surgery: The Ultimate Guide

Having a penis enlargement surgery isn’t like having other types of plastic procedures. It’s not shameful to admit this fact. 

It’s special in the way that requires careful consideration of all factors involved, including the patients expectations and desires.   

Penis enlargement surgery (or phalloplasty) uses various surgical techniques to increase the length and/or girth of the penis permanently. 

It has become an increasingly sought-after option for men unsatisfied with the size of their penis. 

However, choosing surgery brings risks that must be weighed against potential rewards.

Hence, it’s very important for men to know and study all aspects of modern penis enlargement surgery, starting from how it works, its types or techniques, expected outcomes, costs, and potential complications.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview that empowers men with the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision about whether penis enlargement is the right path for them.

Understanding Penis Enhancement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is an invasive surgical procedure to alter or manipulate the structure of the penis to increase length and girth. 

It originated as an experimental surgery in the 1980s but became more mainstream by the 2000s.

Often during surgery, the penile suspensory ligament is cut to allow the penis to hang lower, increasing flaccid length. 

Girth is increased by grafting fat harvested via liposuction or injecting dermal fillers under the penile skin. Implants also can be inserted for permanent girth enhancement. 

As techniques improved through the years, penis enlargements grew in popularity and drew the attention of more men. 

Furthermore, the reduced social stigma and availability of skilled surgeons may lead to the continuous growth of this procedure. 

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Different Techniques and Procedures

For penis enlargement, the surgical procedures are diverse, and each one comes with its own techniques, benefits, drawbacks, and risks:

Penis Enhancement Surgery

Suspensory Ligament Release

This involves surgically cutting or releasing the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. 

By releasing tension on this ligament, the penis can hang lower and farther from the body in its flaccid state. 

This procedure primarily increases flaccid length, with estimates of 0.5 to 2 inches gained. However, it doesn’t affect the size or angle of the penis during erection. 

The surgery carries risks like reduced stability, erectile dysfunction, and impaired sensation.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a commonly used technique for penis thickening or widening. 

In short, it involves harvesting fat via liposuction (usually from the abdomen or thighs) and then injecting it under the penile skin. 

This deposited fat increases the girth and diameter of the penis. Multiple grafting sessions are often needed to attain the desired girth boost, which is typically 1-2 cm. 

Over time the fat can be reabsorbed by the body so maintenance injections may be required. Risks include lumps, asymmetry, infection, and fat embolism.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler injections are a non-surgical option for temporary penis enlargement. 

Fillers like hyaluronic acid are injected directly into the penile tissues to instantly increase girth. However, the results last around 12-18 months as the filler material is gradually absorbed. 

Multiple treatments can maintain the effects but carry risks like bleeding, nerve damage, and distortion (if improperly placed).


For permanent girth enhancement, soft silicone implants can surgically be inserted under the penile skin and tissues. 

This highly invasive procedure augments width and circumference when erect and flaccid. 

The silicone implants come in sheets and smaller segments for ease of insertion. Risks include infection, implant rupture, and scarring. Besides,  the implants may shift over time. 

Other Procedures

Nonsurgical options like vacuum pumps and traction devices can also temporarily increase length and girth but they have little permanent effect. 

Benefits and Risks of Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement surgery can potentially boost self-confidence and satisfaction through increased size. However, it does come with certain risks that require careful evaluation.


The main benefits are enhanced penile length and girth, both when flaccid and erect. Exact gains depend on the procedure. Surgical procedures can provide an increase of 0.5-2 inches in length and 1-2 centimeters in girth. 

Greater size can increase self-esteem and confidence. In some cases, surgery corrects underlying conditions like congenital defects or Peyronie’s disease.


Risks include infection, scarring, reduced sensation, and erectile dysfunction. Poor surgical technique can also lead to a lopsided or distorted appearance. 

Revision surgeries may be required in cases of complication or irregular results. Psychologically, unrealistic expectations of size gains can cause disappointment after surgery, which may lead to low libido. 

To minimize risks, patients must choose an experienced, accredited surgeon. Following proper aftercare and stopping smoking before surgery also improves safety outcomes.  Though rewards exist, penis surgery is still an optional procedure with risks.

Preparing for Penis Augmentation Surgery

Penis Augmentation Surgery

Physical and mental preparation is important before undergoing penile enhancement surgery.

The initial consultation involves a careful and honest assessment of your suitability for surgery. 

Your medical history, reasons for wanting enhancement, and expected outcomes are all openly discussed. 

The surgeon will also physically examine the penis and explain options to help determine the ideal plan.

Before surgery, instructions are provided to optimize safety and outcomes. Stopping smoking, avoiding certain medications/supplements, and getting into peak health might be encouraged. 

Psychologically preparing for the intense recovery process through counseling and realistic expectations might be also recommended.

On the morning of surgery, you will need to follow specific instructions like being NPO (having nothing to eat or drink), arranging transport, and bathing. Following all guidelines carefully minimizes surgical risks.

The Surgical Process of Penis Augmentation

Since there are many techniques or methods for penile enhancement, the specifics of penis enlargement surgery vary enormously but, in general, the process may involve the following:


You are brought to the operating room and given general anesthesia to turn you unconscious (or regional anesthesia affecting just the penis). The surgical site is then thoroughly cleaned.

The Technique

Using precise surgical techniques, the surgeon carefully alters the penis underlying structures to increase size. 

This can involve cutting ligaments, grafting tissues, injecting fillers, or implanting sheets as required. The surgeon may also use laser technology for finer results.


Depending on the extent, surgery averages 1-2 hours, sometimes involving multiple coordinated stages. 

You are monitored throughout the process until fully awake and stable after surgery concludes. 

Recovery and Post-Operative Care

Swelling and bruising are common after the procedure. Pain, numbness, or change in sensation could persist for some months (in some cases). 

Recovering from penis enlargement surgery can take weeks and require dedication and attention to keep things in the right direction:

  • Bandages, dressings, and ice packs may be applied immediately after the surgery. 
  • Avoiding sex and heavy activity for 4-6 weeks aids proper healing.
  • Follow-up appointments allow the surgeon to monitor your recovery and address any concerns.
  • After 6-8 weeks, swelling usually goes away, and the penis appears near its final enlarged size. 
  • Oral pain medication and antibiotics are prescribed. 
  • The full effects may take 6 months to become visible. 

Potential Complications and How to Avoid Them

While increasingly safe, penis enlargement surgery carries some potential risks:

  • Common risks: This includes things like infection, bleeding, and scarring, which could result from improper surgical technique or poor aftercare. Choosing an accredited surgeon and following post-op guidelines minimizes these risks.
  • Less common risks: In a small number of cases, issues such as deformity, fat necrosis, and sensory loss could unpredictably occur despite proper precautions. Hence, diligent follow-ups to monitor recovery are essential to detect and treat any complications early.
  • Rare risks: In rare cases, severe complications like necrosis threaten the penis viability and require immediate vascular surgery. Knowing the signs of complications through education and remaining in close contact with your surgeon facilitates rapid medical intervention when warranted.

Psychological Impact and Self-Esteem

For men seeking enlargement, boosting self-confidence and positive self-image are major motives. 

However, realistic expectations should be present for a true psychological benefit.

Success stories reveal greatly improved body image and self-assurance after visible gains from surgery. 

But overemphasizing the penis size could lead to disappointment and continued dissatisfaction or even body dysmorphia after enlargement.

This is why counseling and open pre-operative discussions of motivations and goals can create a healthy mindset. 

Combining surgery with self-acceptance and inner confidence building often brings the greatest lasting improvements on the mental level. 

Non-Surgical Alternatives for Penis Enhancement 

Undoubtedly, surgery remains the only permanent option for penis augmentation; however, non-surgical techniques can also augment size.

For instance, penis pumps use suction to stretch penile tissues and boost temporary length/girth. 

Extenders like traction devices apply gentle, continuous pulling for gradual elongation over months of use.

Certain massage techniques may also assist with enlargement when combined with other methods.

However, evidence for major size gains from these non-invasive techniques remains limited, and they require significant time commitments for minimal permanent effect. 

Nonetheless, many men choose these techniques because they’re less costly alternatives or to complement surgical procedures.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Selecting an experienced, reputable surgeon for penis enlargement is the first major step for success.

The ideal surgeon, like any other surgery, is board-certified in urology or plastic surgery , indicating rigorous specialized training and credentialing. 

Many years of proven penis enlargement practice, positive reviews, and an esteemed reputation also inspire confidence.

Furthermore, research papers and presence in medical societies also can indicate experience and familiarity with the surgery. 

You can visit your surgeon’s website or consult online databases to verify qualifications. 

It’s always recommended to schedule in-person consultations, ask questions, and communicate your goals to find a surgeon you trust.

Picking the right surgeon for you requires thorough investigation, but it helps ensure you achieve the safe, optimal results you want.

Cost of penis enlargement surgery

The cost of penis enlargement isn’t always the same in all parts of the world. After all, it varies based on location, the specific techniques used, and other criteria. 

In the United States, patients can expect to pay anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 USD on average.

Lengthening procedures like ligament release tend to start under 5,000 USD, while girth enhancement via fat transfer costs 6,000-10,000 USD. More complex implants or tissue grafts are over 5,000 USD.

In Turkey, the costs are much lower than in the United States or the United Kingdom. The price ranges between 3500-4000 USD.

Like any other plastic procedure, financial planning and budgeting are recommended before starting to think about undergoing the procedure. 

Global Perspective on Penis Enlargement Surgery

The availability and affordability of penis enlargement differs globally. In general, procedures are cheaper in countries like Turkey, Thailand, and Mexico. 

It’s important to mention that “affordability”, doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of quality or an increased risk.

In fact, it’s mostly the opposite because Turkish surgeons, for instance, perform more procedures than their colleagues in the US or UK, which provides them with better experience and skills. 

Top destinations for "medical tourism" such as Thailand and Turkey provide the opportunity to undergo surgeries at a cost of 50-70% less than the US. 

However, research is very important to find reputable clinics and surgeons abroad. 

Risks like infections and poor outcomes increase with unqualified medical care regardless of the location. 

Perspective on Penis Enlargement Surgery

After surgery, certain practices help sustain or keep the enlargement results in the long term, such as:

  • Avoid injury and trauma to the penis to preserve the benefits from enlargement procedures. 
  • Quit smoking to improve blood flow and cardiovascular functions.
  • Practice Kegel exercises to maintain the muscles’ function.
  • Be prepared for touch-up surgeries to prevent some loss of size from absorbed fat/fillers or ligament retightening
  • Adjust to increased length/girth by using lubricants for comfort during sex. Follow up with your surgeon to ensure the best lifelong outcomes. 

Patient Testimonials and Real Stories

Although most men avoid speaking about their experience with penis enlargement surgeries, some patients are open to leaving reviews and testimonials expressing their views, satisfaction, and the problems they faced. 

Below are some testimonials left by patients who underwent the surgery at International Clinics (we only use their initials for privacy reasons): 

Patient L.N. (a 33-year-old male from Japan)

"My experience started when severe anxiety about my penis size hit me after a comment from my girlfriend. For years, it was really impacting my self-confidence and sex life. I finally decided to move forward and undergo a ligament release procedure at the clinics. 9 months later, things changed, and I am happy with the results!”

Patient R.K. (a 28-year-old male from Canada)

"After a workplace injury left me with a deformity, I needed to stop my self-conscious feelings about how my penis looked. I contacted the clinics after reading about their results, and they in fact did an amazing job grafting new skin and tissues to fix the deformity and add an inch of length. The recovery was not very pleasant, but I finally feel comfortable in my own skin again thanks to this life-changing operation."

Patient B.J. (a 52-year-old male from the United States)

"I don’t really like to talk about it, but as someone in my 50s, I assumed I couldn have enlargement done safely. However, I had a very successful girth enlargement procedure with cool results in Istanbul, thanks to International Clinics. My wife, who is younger than me actually, appreciates the boost along with the restored confidence I feel. Its truly never too late to consider surgery if done carefully in Turkey."

Debunking Myths and Misconceptions

Penis enlargement surgery is surrounded by numerous myths and legends, not just in the West, but also in the East. However, scientific evidence helps clarify facts:

  • Myth: Surgery guarantees immense size gains. 

Reality: Gains are modest as surgery can only increase length by 0.5-2 inches and girth by 0.5-2 cm on average.

  • Myth: Its a quick and easy procedure. 

Reality: It requires anesthesia and extensive recovery over months. Serious complications can occur.

  • Myth: All men will be satisfied with the results. 

Reality: Some remain dissatisfied if expectations aren realistic. Mental well-being influences outcomes.


It’s not easy for men to take the leap and undergo penis enlargement surgery if they were not completely convinced by its results.

The surgery has evolved slowly through the years from a risky, experimental treatment into a relatively safe option performed by highly skilled specialists. 

Various well-established surgical techniques now exist that can permanently increase penis length and girth to varying degrees.

However, it remains an invasive surgery with risks that must be weighed against potential rewards unique to each patient. 

Finding an accredited, trusted surgeon and having realistic goals is helpful in achieving satisfying outcomes after surgery. 

Proper mental preparation in addition to aftercare following surgery can facilitate safe, optimal results as well.

For the right individual willing to take on necessary recovery, penis enlargement surgery can be life-changing by boosting confidence, self-image, and performance. 

International Clinics helps patients pursue this on the procedures and determine if the surgery is truly in their best interest. You can contact us right away to explore the options available. 


The average cost in the US is 5,000-10,000 USD, but the surgery is usually less than 4000 USD in Turkey.

Options like pumps, extenders, and exercises can potentially augment size without the need for surgery but with limited effects for most.

Recovery takes 4-6 weeks to resume normal activity but 1-4 months to see final results.

In Turkey, enlargement surgeries average between 3500-4000 USD. However, not all Turkish clinics/surgeons offer the procedure or the same price. 

Risks include scarring, deformity, infection, sensory changes, and erectile dysfunction. Choosing an experienced, accredited surgeon minimizes risks.