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Intro To Body Sculpting

Intro To Body Sculpting

If you’re not happy with the results of your weight loss efforts, you can start thinking about body sculpting procedures to remove fat from certain places in your body. Body sculpting or contouring refers to medical procedures that aim to reshape the body or remove excess skin or fat. In the United States, people spent over 247 million dollars on body sculpting procedures in 2016 alone. Clearly, you’re not the only one who seeks this treatment! Body sculpting procedures divides into surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Surgical body sculpting includes liposuction, lifts, and other similar techniques. Nonsurgical body sculpting, on the other hand, includes the use of cold, heat, and lasers. Doctors use the term “lipolysis” to refer to nonsurgical body sculpting. This option can bring great benefits, but it is still unable to keep up with the results of the surgical option.

Benefits of Body Sculpting

Understandably, people seek body sculpting or contouring to get a new body shape and feel slimmer. When diet and exercise fail, body contouring becomes the magical tool to enhance the shape of particular regions in the body. Surgical body sculpting carries a lot of benefits for you, including:

Benefits of Body Sculpting
  • 1Say goodbye to excess, loose, and sagging skin on your abdomen, thighs, or buttocks.
  • 2Choose and target specific parts of your body that need enhancement, including your arms, back, buttocks, and even the chin and the neck.
  • 3Make your skin appear smoother, younger, and more vibrant.
  • 4Remove excess and drooping skin after significant weight loss.
  • 5Treat wrinkles and unwanted skin folds that develop because of aging.
  • 6Get more distinct, well-defined, and well-shaped body parts.
  • 7Get a body that allows you to wear more flattering clothing.

Candidates for Body Sculpting

First, you need to choose an experienced plastic surgeon who has the necessary skills and knowledge. When speaking with your surgeon, you should clearly declare your goals and expectations. You also need to inform your surgeon about your medical history and the medication you’re taking. Preparation for body sculpting procedure often includes:

 Candidates for Body Sculpting
  • 1Perform thorough examination and take measurement for the areas you wish to enhance.
  • 2Take photographs and images to compare results later on.
  • 3Decide anesthesia type and review the risks of the procedure.
  • 4Sign a consent form to give permission for your surgeon to start the treatment process.
  • 5Finally, your surgeon may ask you to quit smoking, stop taking certain medications, or undergo certain lab tests, especially blood tests.

Steps of Body Sculpting

Your surgeon can choose to perform the surgery in their office or in the hospital, depending on the procedure. The time needed for the surgery also differs and may last from 40 minutes to several hours. Of course, body contouring surgeries don’t follow the same steps, but generally, they may include the following:

1. Anesthesia

1. Anesthesia

First, your surgeon marks the sites and administers anesthesia.

2. Incisions Making

2. Incisions Making

Next, they clean the sites and start making incisions. Based on the procedure, they may reshape, reposition, or remove skin and extra fat.

3. Incision Closure

3. Incision Closure

When the surgery is finished, your surgeon will seal the incisions with stitches and may apply bandages.

Recovery After Body Sculpting

Thankfully, most patients can return home the same day after body sculpting surgeries. However, someone should drive you home and stay with you during the first night. Your surgeon will provide you with instructions after the surgery to take care of your wound and get a smoother recovery. In sum, the recovery phase may include the following:

Recovery After Body Sculpting
  • 1Learn how to change the bandages and take care of drain tubes.
  • 2Avoid blood clots by doing some exercise.
  • 3Report any symptoms or abnormalities.
  • 4Use pain killers or ointments to prevent infections.

Risks of Body Sculpting

Surgical body contouring or sculpting carries certain risks and potential side effects, but they are rare and uncommon. Risks of surgical body contouring include:

Risks of Body Sculpting
  • 1The necessity to undergo another surgery (if results are not satisfactory)
  • 2Weakness, numbness, or sensation abnormality
  • 3Blood pockets under the skin (hematoma)
  • 4Infection, blood clots, or bleeding
  • 5Anesthesia complications
  • 6Damage to muscles or nerves
  • 7Hair loss around the incisions
  • 8Persistent swelling or pain
  • 9Scars or skin discoloration
  • 10Asymmetry

Many people can choose to undergo body sculpting or contouring procedures without worries. However, the exact eligibility criteria differ from one procedure to another. Therefore, you need to speak with your doctor and get the right consultation before making your final decision. Generally, body contouring procedures suit the following people: Those who follow healthy daily habits (exercise regularly and eat a nutritious diet). Those who are close to their ideal weight. Men and women who seek convenient solutions to their physical problems.

Vaser is a cosmetic procedure that sculpts and changes the shape of the body by removing some excess fat. – Vaser relies on ultrasound to break down and dissolve fat. Once fat is separated from the body, it becomes easy for the doctor to suction it from the body without leaving any traces. – Vaser is distinguished from other traditional liposuction techniques in that it is performed with minimal surgical intervention and local anesthesia. It also needs only one session and does not leave any scars behind. – Vaser is a cosmetic procedure that treats local obesity and sculpts the body only, meaning that it will not treat severe obesity or sagging.

– Vaser body sculpting is suitable for men and women. – You need to be in good health and not suffer from any chronic diseases. – Be prepared to follow a healthy lifestyle. – You need to have flexible skin that can shrink after the sculpting process without causing sagging.

The body can retrieve its fitness by exercising regularly, but there should be no accumulation of fat, because in this case, liposuction can be performed first and then maintained with sports.

– Body sculpting is not that different from liposuction as both remove excess fat from certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen, back, thighs, and buttocks. – In the liposuction , fat is removed from under the skin in these areas only. – In body sculpting, fat is used a second time and injected into other areas to make muscles visible under fat layer. Also, in body sculpting, the muscles are checked and fat is redistributed to get consistent and more attractive body shape.

– Body sculpting has many advantages because it is a very common and safe cosmetic procedure. The person gets the body shape they want within about two hours and is discharged from the hospital on the same day or the next day at most. – The patient can go back to his normal life after about a week. – The final results of the surgery is obtained after about a month or two. – It is a simple and safe surgery that does not have serious damage if it is done with the correct technique and the necessary conditions are met by the patient.

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